How To Be An MS Research Partner


Are you looking for a way to help advance MS research but don’t qualify for studies or have the time and resources to participate? iConquerMS™ is your chance to be an active research partner and share in this fight, and it doesn’t require money, fundraising or any of the usual contributions.

Join Us!

iConquerMS is a people-powered research network that has now enrolled over 4,400 people affected by MS. All 50 states and Puerto Rico have people with MS who have joined us and we also have 300 more people from 25+ countries so it is an international effort. But there is a need for greater numbers to join.

What does joining mean? All of your information is de-identified and you begin by sharing your basic demographic information of age, date of diagnosis and a few other things that help us understand your experiences with MS more.

Sharing REAL MS

Every six months participants receive emails to participate in REAL MS (Research Engagement About Life with MS), a longitudinal study that asks you a series of questions. In total, it takes less than 45 minutes for most people to complete the entire survey and the good thing is you don’t have to do it all at once.

You can also submit your own ideas of topics you would like us to propose to researchers. Seriously, has anyone ever asked you for your ideas about what would make living with MS better? We do at iConquerMS.

We also have researchers ask us to check with iConquerMS members about their experiences on specific topics such as adult day programs, access to insurance and other key topics. All of their results are shared in an open access way for everyone to learn from.

Accelerated Cure Project and more

So who is iConquerMS? iConquerMS has over 40 members in their governance, and the majority of them have MS. We also have representatives from the major MS advocacy organizations, and clinicians. We are hosted by the Accelerated Cure Project for MS, a Boston based non-profit founded almost 15 years ago by a person with MS.

Please Join Today!There is so much I could share, but a lot of that information is on our website and you would get bored reading my words. The critical thing I can tell you is we are people with MS conducting important research to improve our lives and we need everyone to join us at Please do it today in honor of MS Awareness month, and help us conquer MS.


Laura Kolaczkowski

iConquerMS Lead Patient Representative