Is Multiple Sclerosis Pain Real??


  I remember when I was diagnosed, the neurologist told me I had nothing to fear in the way of pain.  “Multiple Sclerosis doesn’t cause pain,” he assured me.  Did I mention that he’s my FORMER neurologist?? I don’t know if it was the tingling pain, the searing pain or the shooting pain that presented …

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My Friend Has Multiple Sclerosis

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I got a text  from a friend the other day.  It said that he was sorry for contacting me out of the blue with a bomb like this but – his wife had an MRI last week and they just left the neurologist’s office where they learned she has MS.  I could hear the anxiety and …

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Birthdays and MS


It’s a big day for me:  today, I’m 50.  There I said it.  I feel like I’m at a birthdays anonymous meeting:  “Hello.  My name is Kathy and I’m 50.”  I’m reposting a blog post from a couple of years ago because I read it and it still applies.  Oh and one more thing, thank you all …

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Quit “Shoulding” All Over Yourself


“I’m so tired, but I should really clean up those dishes.”  “I don’t want to talk to them, but I really should.”   “I should really be resting, but if I don’t finish this laundry, it’ll never get done.” I felt the familiar fatigue creeping up my legs and into my back.  The spasticity in my …

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Fun(d)raising, Awareness and Help – Oh My!


It’s that time of year again – FUN(d)RAISING TIME!!!.  There are a TON of walks, runs, golf tournaments, bike events, auctions – both silent and loud, etc., going on right now.  It’s all so important and if you’re involved with one in any way – including donating – please let me thank you on behalf …

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Continuing To Honor A Dying Wish


**REPUBLISHED IN HONOR OF THE ANNIVERSARY OF MY MOTHER’S PASSING.   My brother called early that Monday morning.  No good news ever follows a really early or a really late ringing phone.  He told me that mom wasn’t doing well, that he had called a priest to have last rites administered.  My 85-year-old mother was …

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Live – From The Orange Carpet . . .

Sharon Osbourne, Kathy Reagan Young, Nancy Davis and Jack Osbourne

  Did you know that medical funding is extremely competitive – for grant money and straight donation?  That means that a scientist in Budapest might have a piece of the puzzle that would fit perfectly with a scientist’s piece of puzzle in Switzerland, but they’re guarding their pieces instead of sharing for fear of losing …

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  I just realized why I like New Year’s  so very much – it’s the same reason Monday is my favorite day of the week.  It’s possibilities.  In each case, I can put the past behind me – any failings or incompletions – and start anew.  It’s a second chance.  It’s a jump start.  It’s …

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Multiple Sclerosis Holiday Gift Guide – 2013


  I can’t believe it’s that time already – time to make that list and check it twice . . .   To help alleviate some of the guess work – and to help those who are receiving the gifts get what they can really use and enjoy – I asked the FUMS community to …

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Flu Shot – Or Not?


    Every year, I hear it from both my neurologist and my primary care doc:  “You need to get a flu shot.  You need to protect yourself, especially when you have MS.”  But – is that true?  I know a lot of people question the necessity – even the advisability of injecting one more …

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