FUMS 007 – Chiropractic Care and Supplements Reversed Her MS


MS, Chiropractic & Supplements


Michelle Nelson woke up one day and was totally blind in her left eye! The doctors at the ER thought she was faking!! She finally received a diagnosis and within 2 years was unable to work, began losing her hair, she was exhausted, blind off and on, and in pain. She found herself declining further and further into disability from MS. A chance meeting at a garage sale changed everything. A chiropractor suggested she make an appointment because she was confident she could help Michelle. She did – and the results were miraculous. Learn what Michelle did and how it worked. Maybe it could work for you!

You’ll learn:

  • How many different drugs Michelle was put on by various doctors
  • How quickly she spiraled downward and what symptoms plagued her most
  • How a chance meeting ended up literally giving her her life back
  • What “alternative” practices Michelle used in her recovery (cranial sacral work, yoga, prayer, energy therapy, nutrition, stress reduction, chiropractic care)
  • Her “secret weapon supplement” that made all the difference – and she still takes it today!

Resources in this Episode: (click the links)

Ambrose by Mannatech

To find a chiropractor near you

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