FUMS 004 – MyHealthTeams dot com Interview


In this episode, I interview Mary Ray, Co-Founder and COO of MyHealthTeams.com – a wonderful resource for many health-challenged communities – and for our purposes – MS in particular – at MyMSTeam.com.  We talk about her drive to fill a void in the chronic health community – making technology work for us all.  She’s a kind, upbeat, energetic woman with personal experience in the MS realm.  I like her a lot – and I think you will too.  Have a listen!

You’ll learn:

  • How the idea for this website got started
  • What the purpose is behind building this community
  • How many different health conditions are currently supported and how many are projected in the future
  • How YOU can be a part of this supportive environment

Resources in the Episode



KathyReaganYoung – how to find me once you sign up on MyMSTeam.com.  Stop by and say hello!!

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