Gifts for Multiple Sclerosis Warriors

The idea of gifts specific to a community of health sufferers is a new one to me.  I hadn’t honestly thought about it before.  However, I posed the question to the FUMSnow Facebook and Twitter community and we received a lot of feedback.  The biggest gift-giving season is fast approaching the Christian world with Christmas next month.  Regardless the occasion, people are always looking for gifts the receiver will really appreciate and use.  Nothing could be more meaningful than enriching someone’s life – making it better, easier, more enjoyable or safer.  With that in mind, I’m in search of great MS gifts.  And I’m asking for your help.  Please, in the comment section below, tell me something that has helped you or enriched your life somehow.  Something that you think would make a great gift for someone – in particular for someone with MS.

I’ll start:  I recently had a very (thankfully) short-lived little flare.  A few days and I was good to go.  However, for those few days, life around me refused to stop.  I had emails to answer, articles to write, Tweets to tweet, newsfeeds to updated, etc.  I have an iPad for this very situation.  However, my hand and my arm were really bothering me so holding something was out of the question.  I used a “TV tray” but found it very limited in its ability to move with me, or get into a position that was comfortable for me to work on from my spot on the sofa, in bed or in the recliner.  So – I went in search of a solution.  I think I found it.

The shipping was seamless.  The packaging is very nice.  I will be opening it shortly and making a video of the grand “unboxing” to share with everyone.  I’m not going to share it with you just yet as I won’t recommend anything that I haven’t tried and liked.  But I’ll certainly add it to the list that we produce together of wonderful gifts for MS’ers if, in fact, it is all that I think it will be.  After you contribute to the list, you can print it out and give it to those who might be buying for you as a sort of “gift registry.”  After the holidays, I’ll make it permanently available on our resources page so you can check back anytime.

I’ll thank you all in advance for helping me and your fellow FUMS community members by contributing to the list.  It could be a book, a video that made you laugh until you felt better, a fantastic new fangled cane, a wonderful stand-you-up wheelchair, a greatl natural supplement that has helped you in some way, a gadget that helps you with organization – anything that will help to live our best lives with MS.

Thanks again for all the support you always give me.  Remember – it seems to help alleviate stress, just to say F-U-M-S!


Special thanks to for granting usage of the beautiful gift photograph used in today’s post.

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  1. thank you so much for teasing us with your good purchase recently but how did you like the mysterious items that you ordered?as some giftI’m looking for gift ideas for my friend who is doing well but has occasional flare ups stop teasing

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