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When I find something that actually helps with a symptom – or generally with dealing with life with MS – I have to share it.  I’ve found something that has really made a difference for one of my most persistent and maddening symptoms:  cog fog.  You know the one – where your right in the middle of making a point and you suddenly can’t remember what you’re talking about, or you can’t find a word that you KNOW, but you don’t know RIGHT NOW.  Or, in my case, I was looking at the man I had spent many years with, had had children with, had sat next to when I got my diagnosis for that stupid disease (what’s it called?!?!), but I can’t remember his name.  UGH.

I happened on this product purely by accident.  I was listening to a podcast and the guest mentioned how much energy he was getting from utilizing the Bulletproof Coffee method.  WHAT?!?!  Energy?  YES – I. NEED. ENERGY.  I did some research on this Bulletproof Coffee method and learned that there is a whole methodology behind it.  They offer specific coffee that has been grown and handled in a very specific way so as to not have any mold in the coffee (coffee has mold?!).  Then, they take this special coffee, combine it with (stay with me now) BUTTER (yep, the kind you put on toast).  Actually, it’s specific butter – only from grass fed beef – but I find it at my regular grocery store.   And, unsalted, because who wants salty coffee?  THEN – and here’s the secret sauce as far as I’m concerned – you add BRAIN OCTANE (do you hear the angels singing?).  You put this concoction into your blender (I use a Ninja and I love it) and you whip it up.  It looks like a latte when you’re all done.  And it tastes – surprisingly good!  It’s very satisfying and filling.  I’ve written in the past about Dr. David Perlmutter (world-renowned neurologist, specializing in nutrition and brain health) and his views on eating (or drinking) the RIGHT fats for our brains.  He, too, recommends Bulletproof Coffee.

Brain Hacking

Ok – I’m going to cop to the fact that I like to shortcut things – and find the kernel – or nugget – of something that works for me – and, perhaps, chuck the rest.  Such is the case with the Bulletproof Coffee craze.  While I recommend you do your research and even try the full on method – I found that I got all kinds of benefit out of just adding the BRAIN OCTANE to my regular coffee.  Mold be damned – I just need that extra kick of the BRAIN OCTANE to help me with energy and focus.  Yep – both!  It’s crazy.  I add it to my coffee every morning (along with the butter), and I have sustained energy and I’m focused and am not wasting time with word-fishing or an inability to stay on track (or even remember where in the hell I was driving!!).  I recommend you give it a try.  Just like our shared disease, each person will likely have a different response to this product.  Click on the Brain Octane link and you can read a TON of reviews people have written about their experienes.  I’ll also share that for me, there was a cumulative effect.  In other words, I didn’t notice an immediate difference.  It took a week or so.  And to be honest, I didn’t REALLY notice it, until I went away for a weekend and didn’t bring it with me.  I was immediately back to stumbling over my own sluggish brain and feeling like I needed a nap shortly after I got up in the morning.

I am sharing this information in hopes that it will make an impact on your quality of life as it has for me.  I’ve linked the phrase “BRAIN OCTANE” to, where I am an affiliate.  This means that if you purchase it through that link, I’ll get a small commission.  There is no difference in price to you and I would never promote anything that I hadn’t tried myself and found success.  In fact, that’s why I’m even writing about it.  It helps me – I hope it will help you.  If you’re more comfortable purchasing it separately, please do so.  I just want you to realize the benefit of a product that has made a difference in my life.  If you try this out, please let me know of your results – either here, under this post in the comment section, or on our Facebook page.  Knowledge is power.  Let’s share it!!



“Sometimes it helps the stress, just to say F-U-M-S

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  1. I looked on their site and saw you can get a 3 oz bottle for under $10 so a good choice for testing it. How much of it do you use each day? How quickly do you see a response? How long does it last?

    1. Hey Kit – Glad there’s a smaller size for testing. I use a full tablespoon in my coffee each morning. I know that some people with digestive issues need to take it slow and work up to a full tablespoon. It took it about a week before I really felt a difference and it is a sustained clarity and energy boost for my entire day – without disrupting my sleep at night.

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