Helpful Apps for Multiple Sclerosis

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Apps – or applications – can be fun.  They can be helpful.  They can be downright lifesaving.  I put out the call for the most helpful apps that our readership uses to help in their life with MS.  Here’s the top 5:

  • MS Journal — this app, created for MS patients and caregivers, helps keep track of the day-to-day issues that MS’ers need to keep track of – namely – injections, reactions, medication reminders, a place for comments (think: weird symptoms, sleep issues, how tired you are of having MS,etc.) – all of which can be put into a report form and downloaded for your doctor.  It’s FREE and available for iPhone and iPad.
  • MSAA – Multiple Sclerosis Self-Care Manager – this app, backed by the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) won a lot of points with FUMS readers.  It keeps everything in one place:  medications, side effects, lab results, allergies and other conditions.  It’s FREE and available for the iPhone and iPad.
  • MedImage Cases – this one is pretty cool.  It allows you to look at 26 biweekly MRI case presentations, giving you a front row view of a neurologist’s grand-rounds!  It really helps to make sense of disease progression and therapeutic response.  Even more impressive: this app offers audio commentary from MRI experts.  Really helpful if your MS has jacked up your eyesight!  It’s FREE and available for iPhone and iPad.
  • Living with Multiple Sclerosis – You’ve got questions – they’ve got answers.  Everything from symptoms to approved therapies.  There’s even information on how to get a diagnosis and how to improve your quality of life.  It is FREE and available for the Android.
  • Any calendar app.  I use iCalendar that links my desktop and my iPhone.  I put EVERYTHING on that calendar.  And I use alarms.  When to take my meds, when to call my nurse, when my next appointment is scheduled, when to write my blog posts!!  It keeps me straight on everything.  Cog Fog be damned.  I don’t forget if my alarm is reminding me of everything.  It helps reduce the stress – and that’s good for everything – especially MS.

Hope this helps.  If you have other apps that you use, please leave a note in the comments section below this post.  Sharing information on how to live your best life with MS is what FUMS is all about.

It seems to help the stress, just to say F-U-M-S!!!

Special thanks to for letting us use the photo of the chick drinking coffee and using her MS apps!

4 thoughts on “Helpful Apps for Multiple Sclerosis”

  1. Pamela Robbins

    I saw this on Facebook. While the apps are all good, why can’t there be more than one available for those like me whose phone is an Android??? I would love to be able to use these apps, but they are no good if they are not available to Android users. Just saying!

  2. I use MedHelper on my android phone and on my kindle fire. This app has lots of helpful things. Has a place for all your meds and you can set individual alarms and more alarms if you take more than once a day, also a place for meds you take on an as needed basis. Also tracks quantities and you can set a reminder for when you get low and need to refill. A place for appointments, pharmacies you use and all your doctors.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Yvonne. I love when this community comes together and shares their solutions. I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you. Hey Pamela – here’s a good Android solution. Ask and you shall receive!!

  3. Copaxone has an app! I think it’s copaxone im tracker. It replaces their paper journal with history of injections and several reminders. I don’t know if available on android but its on iphone.

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