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I’ve been asked, many times, for recommendations on various products, books and courses.  I insist on trying anything that I’m going to recommend for the FUMS nation myself.  I love to read – and find that MS books are great resources to have around.  I like MS cookbooks, MS attitude books, MS exercise books, MS fiction, MS non-fiction, motivational books, funny MS books, moving MS books and books about everything other than MS.  Yep, I’m a reader.  And a bit of a purist – so it came as a great surprise to me that I actually grew to like my e-reader.  My sister gave me one and while I felt it was a very thoughtful gift, surely I wouldn’t get much use out of it.  I love the feel of books, the smell of books, the sound of pages turning, etc.  Purist stuff.  Well – I’ve grown to LOVE that e-reader and use it often.  I can turn it on in the middle of the  night and never wake my husband.  It’s very lightweight so when my arms and hands hurt – I can still hold it.  I can bring it with me anywhere I go and always have an entire library of books to choose from, suiting my mood at the time.  I’ve found that most books are now available via download to an e-reader which makes it even more convenient than going out to buy a book.  Someone recommends a book to me – and I can have it in a matter of minutes.  So – for my first recommendation – I give a big nod to the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader (Wi-Fi Only).  There are a lot of e-readers that do a lot more than this one does, but this one is inexpensive and does exactly what I want it to do – allows me to bring my library with me wherever I go!

Now – what to put on that bright, shiny, new Nook – or actually order and read the old-fashioned way.  There’s an awful lot of talk about specific Multiple Sclerosis diets.  The grandaddy of them all is Dr. Roy Laver Swank, M.D.’s The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book.  This book not only offers science, but also recipes!  It’s been around for a lot of years so there’s a lot of reviews of it out in cyberspace.  And speaking of chatter in the blogosphere, I’m sure you’ve heard of Dr. Terry Wahls and her “intensive nutritionals.”  If not, it’s worth a trip over to her website http://www.terrywahls.com.  Her work is very exciting, especially because she has been her own guinea pig and found great success.  She was diagnosed with MS, went downhill REALLY fast and was relying on the drugs – as many of us are.  She kept deteriorating and decided to make a big change in her diet based on alot of her own research and that of others in the field.  She’s an MD and understands all that stuff!  She went from a wheelchair to riding her bike – and she credits it all to her nutritional turnaround.  Her book is enjoying great success – as are her followers.  Perhaps this will work for you: Minding My Mitochondria 2nd Edition: How I overcame secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) and got out of my wheelchair.

Now – about that motivation and finding your happy place:  I really love the HBO series The Big C: The Complete First Season.
It’s so funny and so well acted.  It’s not goofy funny – it’s normal, everyday-stuff-that-happens funny.  For goofy funny, I suggest The Ultimate Vacation Collection (National Lampoon’s Vacation / Vegas Vacation / European Vacation / Christmas Vacation).  There’s a lot of science that now recognizes laughters health benefits.  There are so many more that I could suggest – and will in the future – but for now, this will get you to where you’re going.  To your happy place.

I hope these recommendations will help either in your quest for some happiness for yourself or in finding a gift for someone else.  And I hope you’ll add your own suggestions in the comment section underneath this post.  As a community, sharing tips and tricks for living our best lives with MS is our number one goal.  Thanks for your help!

It seems to help reduce the stress, just to say F-U-M-S

Special thanks to www.FreeDigitalPhotos.net for use of the photograph of books used in this post.  Reading rocks!


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