FUMS 005 – Organ Donation


In tSusan-Stuart-preferred-picturehis episode of the FUMSnow Podcast Show, I interview Susan Stuart, President & CEO of CORE – the Center for Organ Recovery and Education.  We talk about the need for organ donation and the easy process for sign up.  I had no idea that there are 58 organ procurement centers in the U.S.  Such an interesting conversation.  And we FINALLY get the answer to the question:  can MS’ers donate organs???


You’ll Learn:

  • how to become an organ donor
  • what the process entails
  • how the decision is reached whether or not the families of the donor and recipient meet
  • how many people can be helped by a single donation


pediatric patients

Resources in This Episode


United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)

Department of Motor Vehicles by State


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