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My Mission

I help MS warriors (patients), caregivers, and families who struggle with a feeling of a loss of control to gain confidence in dealing with this disease by providing information, inspiration and motivation. And a little attitude. #FUMS.

Hot off the Press

I'm so excited to bring this new book to you.

Adria P.

MS Patient

I LOVE IT. There is just the right combination of facts and funny. Truly, this is an uncomfortable topic to discuss at any level, and the information given is thorough, clear, and easily understandable - with a few chuckles thrown in. I'm a firm believer in not taking anything too seriously, and while this subject matter has the potential to be big problems for us MS’ers, I learned a lot and am Kegel-ing away. Thank you again, best wishes and best of luck! And, always, FUMS.

Nancy P.

MS Patient

Thank you so much for all your hard work. The book is going to be a wonderful resource for those of us who struggle with these lovely issues. I’d recommend this ebook to anyone suffering from these issues.

Sharon Keverline


The authors have tackled a subject that is extremely common but oftentimes not addressed by patients or health care professionals. Perhaps this reticence is because patients are embarrassed and/or members of the medical community are unaware that treatment options exist. This book breaks down both of those barriers. Using humor and accessible language it addresses sensitive issues while providing guidance on how to achieve symptomatic improvement.

Kerri C.,

MS Patient

I really liked the book. It was quick and easy reading for my MS brain, and was informative with a good laugh here and there. If you didn't want to put it on your coffee table, it would be great bathroom reading material! I will definitely recommend this book, not to just MS’ers, but anyone with undercarriage issues.

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Diagnosing MS With A Blood Test

blood test for multiple sclerosis

I just returned from a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, sponsored by IQuity, Inc., the biotech company that has cracked the code on a simple blood test for diagnosing MS. Let that sink in for a minute. A simple blood test to determine whether or not you have Multiple Sclerosis. If you are currently diagnosed with MS …

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Multiple Sclerosis Holiday Gift Guide – 2017

Multiple Sclerosis Gift Guide

This annual Multiple Sclerosis Holiday Gift Guide is a HIT every year. I’ve updated it this year with new products that either I’ve come across or have been suggested by others in the FUMS community.  I hope you find this helpful – and, if you have suggestions for great gifts, please share them in the comments …

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Potty Mouth

Bowel and Bladder Issues in Multiple Sclerosis

Two Pee Brains, With Potty Mouths, Talking Shit About MS – WHAT?!?!?!   Yep – you read that right.  And this is how it all started:  I hear, almost on a daily basis, from MS’er suffering from bowel and/or bladder issues. I have a dear friend, Erin Glace, who is an internationally recognized Pelvic Floor Physical …

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Trying So Hard – And Feeling So Dumb


  I want to make the FUMS website, blog and podcast better, more usable – of greater value to the MS community. I’ve been working SO HARD to learn as much as I can about updating a website, etc. I am not a techie. At all. Not a bit. So – even if I didn’t …

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Toxic People Cause Relapses

Toxic People in Multiple Sclerosis

  You’ve been dealing with these people – or this person – for sometime now and it appears there is a correlation between time spent with them and a decline in your health. Recognize the following scenarios? The phone rings, you see it’s them and you have to take a deep breath. Your heart skips …

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FUMS 001 – Dan & Jennifer Digmann Interview

Dan & Jen - Despite MS to Spite MS

  In this episode, I interview Dan & Jennifer Digmann, a wonderful married couple who both have Multiple Sclerosis.  They’ve written a book called, “Despite MS, To Spite MS” and we talk about what their journey has been like:  how they met and married, how they deal with their challenges, and how they advocate for …

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