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Two Pee Brains, With Potty Mouths, Talking Shit About MS – WHAT?!?!?!


Bowel and Bladder Issues in Multiple Sclerosis

Yep – you read that right.  And this is how it all started:  I hear, almost on a daily basis, from MS’er suffering from bowel and/or bladder issues. I have a dear friend, Erin Glace, who is an internationally recognized Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist.  Did you know yours had a floor?  Me neither – but it does.  And that floor has a lot to do with bowel and bladder issues.  And through training and exercise, you can really make a difference in those issues.  But I digress.

I asked Erin if she would write a book about bowel and bladder issues in MS and she said “YES! if you write it with me.”  What do I know about that stuff?  Nothing.  Well, more now that we’ve been writing it together, but my degree is in English – a far cry from pelvic floor dysfunction.  So we decided Erin would write the smart thinky part, and I’d write the smart assy part.  We even used different colored fonts (mine’s orange) to delineate our different “voices.”  It’s really been fun – and I’ve learned ALOT.

While writing this ebook, we put out a survey asking people about the problems they were having and any questions they might have.  We were inundated with questions.  It was great.  So, while writing the book, we started answering the questions – and made YouTube videos to answer those questions more quickly.  You can see those videos here.

So – we’re really proud to announce that we’ve FINALLY completed the writing, the editing, the uploading and the downloading, etc., etc., etc.  Can you tell this has been a challenge? It has – but we were on a mission to bring this information to the MS’ers who really needed it.  So – even though we (mostly me) wanted to quit on several occasions, I’m happy to report that we did not quit and now – we have a wonderful resource to share with you. It’s our ebook entitled “Bowel and Bladder Issues in Multiple Sclerosis by Two Pee Brains With Potty Mouths Talking Shit About MS.” (click the link).  It’s loaded with great medically-sound information –  and some smart ass comments that make this otherwise uncomfortable topic – kinda funny! 😉  In fact, there are various hyperlinks throughout the ebook – both that help clarify or define terms – and some, like the link to ’70’s porn music – that I just threw in because I thought it was funny as hell!!  We hope you’ll enjoy it and benefit from it – and email us with your thoughts: Kathy@FUMSnow.com. And tell others that might benefit from it. Spread the word – far and wide! You can purchase it for download right on this website: Click this link for the ebook. You’ll have it downloaded on your computer in no time – and be laughing and feeling better very soon!


Recommended Resource

Erin told me about a resource that she often recommends and that her patients report great success using – so we included it in the book.  It’s called the Squatty Potty.  You may have heard of it as it was featured on the American television show “Shark Tank”.    You can see their segment on the show here.  It starts at 20:11. The Squatty Potty is a device that fits around your toilet and allows for your legs to be elevated enough that there is no “kink” in your rectum, thus allowing for easy evacuation (read: pooping).

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