Revolutionary MS Diagnostic Blood Test

**This interview was recorded in the late spring of 2017. IsolateMS and several of the other disease state diagnostics mentioned in this episode are now available. $$ UPDATE: in the interview, there is reference to the IsolateMS test costing $1250. IQuity reports they’ve been able to lower this cost to $599 with an option to pay with PayPal with no interest if the balance is paid within 6 months. 


Chase Spurlock, IQuity

Julia Polk, IQuity

      “The immune system sees things before the physical manifestation of the disease.”






Getting an MS diagnosis has been more about exclusion than a definitive answer. Until now. IQuity, Inc. has cracked the code. They introduced a simple blood test that provides an answer in a week with a better than 90 percent accuracy rate! This. Is. Big.

Most of us with an MS diagnosis went through a battery of tests – including a lumbar puncture – to settle on a diagnosis of MS likelihood. And even that could take years to get. Listen as IQuity, Inc. CEO Chase Spurlock and CFO and Chief Strategy Officer Julia Polk describe the process of discovering this amazing technology, and all of the potential it has for revolutionizing diagnostics for Multiple Sclerosis and other previously difficult to diagnose diseases.


What You’ll Learn


  • Differentiating types of MS
  • Predicting whether or not our relatives are at risk
  • How to get the test for yourself or a loved one
  • How to get patient assistance


Resources in this Episode (click the links)


Brain Health Time Matters

Human Genome Project


Accelerated Cure Project

IQuity’s Patient Payment Portal


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