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Toxic People Cause Relapses

Toxic People Cause Replapses

You’ve been dealing with these people – or this person – for sometime now and it appears there is a correlation between time spent with them and a decline in your health. Recognize the following scenarios? The phone rings, you see it’s them and you have to take a deep breath. Your heart skips a […]

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Multiple Sclerosis Holiday Gift Guide – 2016


This annual Multiple Sclerosis Holiday Gift Guide is a HIT every year.  I’ve updated it this year with new products that either I’ve come across or have been suggested by others in the FUMS Nation.  I hope you find this helpful – and, if you have other suggestions that I’ve missed, please share them in the […]

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Help for Cog Fog

Brain Octane for Cog Fog

When I find something that actually helps with a symptom – or generally with dealing with life with MS – I have to share it.  I’ve found something that has really made a difference for one of my most persistent and maddening symptoms:  cog fog.  You know the one – where your right in the […]

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Disabled Parking Placards and Other Indignities


Today my updated “Virginia Permanent Disabled Parking Placard” arrived in the mail.  This is the update from the original that I begrudgingly ordered 5 years ago.  I remember being so mad that I “had” to get this very visible sign of my invisible disease.  It just seemed like both a personal affront and an admission […]

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Multiple Sclerosis News Update

Multiple Sclerosis News

    LOADS of MS information in this post.  Find what’s interesting to you and click the link to read the article.  Enjoy!! (more…)

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