Time – Doesn’t Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Occasionally I will post a guest blog – either something someone has sent to me – or something I’ve actively sought out.  This guest blog was one that I solicited from a good friend of FUMSnow.com – Ms. Joy S. Johnson.  She’s a writer, an animal enthusiast (especially her dog Duke) and yes, she has MS too.  And – she throws an “F-U-M-S” out there when needed.  I like her a lot – and her writing is impressive.  I thought this particular post would be appropriate this week since we’re just getting used to our new Daylight Savings Time again this year.  So – do you know what time it is?  Do you care?


Time and Multiple Sclerosis

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Does Anybody Really Care? *
*(With thanks to Robert Lamm; CTA/Chicago, 1969)

Answer: Yes. Maybe.

“Time” is something Albert Einstein could explain but that never existed until humankind generated ways to measure it. Prehistoric people knew just that it was light and then dark; seasons morphed from cold to warm; hunters waited patiently in the bushes seeking their prey. “Dinner time” was when the meat got home and (if fire had been discovered) was cooked and ready to eat.

Flash forward a bunch of millennia and Time is of the essence. Time heals all wounds. Only Time will tell.
Time is a very concrete and significant part of modern life but it means different things to different people. Different cultures treat time in unique ways. In Jamaica for instance the concept of “soon” is a far cry from what “soon” means in New York. In Jamaica, it’s really not so soon!

As children we measure time primarily by important events: How long until dinner? How many weeks until a birthday? How many days until Christmas? “I’ve got to go to the dentist tomorrow?” Adults may consider those events as well, but adult “time” is broken into smaller, acute increments which must be recognized and obeyed, or else! Or else what? Or else we’ll miss the school bus, be late for work, arrive embarrassingly early or late to social functions, or miss a favorite TV show! (Not all of us have DVR.)

One truism most can agree with is “Time flies when you’re having fun.” A great weekend? Poof! it’s over. But the same 48 hours at work – or in bed with the flu– are likely the “longest” 48 hours you’ve had in a long time.

So it goes to reason that if “time flies when you’re having fun,” it must stand absolutely still when you are NOT having fun. And it does! Ask anyone suffering from a migraine headache how long a minute is. Ask a woman in the throes of giving birth, or someone with a herniated disk, severe burn or any acute pain. I guarantee that for those poor souls time seems to almost stand still. It’s a horrible sensation. It’s the reason many chronic pain sufferers and critically ill people—smart people in their right mind—think about suicide. Because in a state of suffering time stands still. And if time stands still, it feels your pain will never end. And if your pain is never to end, well, can we blame them for wanting an end to the suffering?

Eckhart Tolle, the elfin-looking spiritual teacher and author of The Power of Now, has written and lectured extensively on “living in the moment.” How wonderful to free ourselves of the baggage of the past, to worry not over an unknowable future, but to simply Be in the present– in the moment that is now. I say it depends on the moment. I say it depends on if that burning smell is coming from the candles on your birthday cake, or from the flesh you just burned taking a cake from the oven! Same “now” perhaps, but guess which scenario stops the clock?

I quit wearing a watch when I found myself disabled and at home most of the time. With few obligations outside the home I don’t much need to know what time it is. I wake with the sun, or the dog, or my bladder. I eat at my leisure, I rest when I’m tired, and when I need to know the time I am surrounded by a myriad of appliances that won’t let me forget even when I want to! Smartphone, PC, TV, oven… THEY all know what time it is! But does anybody really care?


Joy S. Johnson


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4 thoughts on “Time – Doesn’t Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”

  1. I don’t wear a watch, I haven’t in years. Some days when I’m too tired to even get dressed, time goes by very slowly. I think the day will never end. My husband and son like to eat at a certain time, but I sometimes am not hungry so I eat at a later time when I am hungry. It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed because I can sleep as late as I want in the morning because I don’t work, so if I don’t have a doctor appointment I can stay in bed all day if I want. I don’t like that it gets dark at 5 pm now. I love to sit outside a lot and I miss that. Sometimes I wish I lived on a dessert island where I would have no worries or responsibilities and not care what time it is. Realistically, I still have to care about what time it is because time does not stand still and life goes on whether I stay in bed or not and I don’t want to miss a second of it while I still can enjoy it.

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