Bowel and Bladder Issues in Multiple Sclerosis

Get Help Today – Right Now – For Your MS Related Bowel and Bladder Issues


No waiting for an appointment. No copays. No waiting for referrals to PT. No trying medications blindly. Just real advice from a Pelvic Floor Specialist with things you can do today – in your own home – to make a difference right now.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

  • You experience anxiety about leaving the house
  • Your pain, both physical and emotional, is affecting your quality of life
  • You’re embarrassed to ask the questions you have about your issues
  • You don’t know the differences in the medications to make a good choice
  • You’d like to do exercises that would help your issues – in your own home
  • You’d like to know what products are right for you
  • You feel like you’re the only one dealing with this

What If It Didn’t Have To Be That Way?

What if you knew the exercises, medications and products that could actually help you live with less pain and more personal and professional confidence? What if there was a group of others dealing with the same thing available at any time online to chat with, ask questions of, share solutions!

Introducing the FUMS ebook - “Bowel and Bladder Issues in Multiple Sclerosis by Two Pee Brains With Potty Mouths Talking Shit About MS.”



Information is power – and the information in this ebook will give you the power to gain control in a situation that can make you feel totally out-of-control.

You want to understand what’s happening and why, find solutions and feel hope - today. Download this ebook and in just a few minutes, you can start taking back control. You can have the answers you’ve been looking for. You can start feeling more confident and get back out in the world!

So – what do you get in this new ebook?

  • EXERCISES specific to your issue that you can do right in the privacy of your own home, potentially saving you time and copays;
  • MEDICATION education to find which is appropriate for the various issues, so you can be sure you’re using the right products for the right issues, get relief fast and save money rather than trying things blindly;
  • EDUCATION on the anatomy and physiology of the various issues, helping you to understand the underlying problem;
  • RESOURCES to help you in your every day struggle with these issues. Recommended exercise equipment, supplements, an ergonomically correct toilet positioning product, a bladder diary, and a pelvic floor muscle stimulator are some of the resources recommended in this ebook.


Hi – I’m Kathy Reagan Young, founder of the website and the FUMS Podcast Show and an MS warrior myself.

I was getting emails almost daily with questions about how to deal with the bowel and bladder issues caused by MS. I have a dear friend, Erin Glace who is a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. Erin
She and I decided to write this ebook to share her experience and recommendations for BBIMS – and to add a little humor to a humorless situation. She wrote the smart-thinky part and I wrote the smart-assy part. Her writing is in black and mine is in ORANGE. There are many hyperlinks throughout the ebook to help explain concepts and reference pharmaceutical information, etc. Also – to add a bit of humor. Imagine Erin mentioning sex and the pelvic floor’s impact on that activity and I post a link to a ’70 porn song. Now you’ve got the idea of this ebook . . .


Find Your Community

Are your MS bowel and bladder issues making you feel isolated? Are you tired of having questions you’re too embarrassed to ask? Want to ask questions when you have them, rather than waiting to get in to see your specialist? Want to connect with others dealing with the same issues to learn tips and tricks and how they’re dealing with BBIMS? On the Resources Page of this ebook, you’ll find a link inviting you to a *PRIVATE* Facebook group. It’s our “BBIMS” group – Bowel and Bladder Issues in MS - and it’s a place where people with the same issues feel comfortable asking questions, seeking advice and sharing their struggles. It’s a very supportive environment where no question is out-of-bounds and everyone there is happy to help. You don’t ever have to feel alone again. This benefit alone is worth the purchase!

All of this for only $19.97!!  No – seriously. That’s it. Nineteen dollars and ninety-seven cents. I’m not joking. That’s it. Click the Get It Now button and the ebook will be delivered to your email inbox IMMEDIATELY. You can be reading, learning, laughing and talking with others experiencing the same issues in a matter of minutes. All for only $19.97. Still not kidding!


Have a question before you buy? Hit me up. Send me an email with your questions at –  and I’ll get back to you asap. More comfortable on Twitter? That’s cool – here’s my handle:; Prefer Facebook? I’m there too - Happy to answer any and all questions at any or all of those points of contact! But seriously – it’s only $19.97 so – why not just buy it right now? Go ahead – click the “Get It Now” button and get your copy NOW.

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