FUMS 084 – Run A Myelin My Shoes with Cheryl Hile

Cheryl Hile
Cheryl Hile

When Cheryl Hile’s neurologist told her to “lower her expectations”, the marathon runner showed that she was an FUMS’er to her core. Adopting the mantra “I do what I can and never give up”, she has now completed 56 (FIFTY-SIX!!!) marathons, 41 following her diagnosis.

After running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 12 months, Cheryl founded the running and walking team Run A Myelin My Shoes to challenge the perception that strenuous exercise is bad for MS.

Listen in as I chat with this amazing MS Warrior and even get strong-armed into taking part in the 2021 event!

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Cheryl’s pre-MS life including running marathons on vacation with her husband
  • Her first MS symptoms and THAT neurologist conversation
  • How she founded Run A Myelin My Shoes after meeting MSers who ran or wanted to run
  • Why you don’t have to run to get involved with Run A Myelin My Shoes!
  • Details of how you can get involved with the 2021 event, regardless of where you live

Resources for this episode (clickable links):

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