Wash Your Mouth Out With Hope

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13 thoughts on “Wash Your Mouth Out With Hope”

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  5. Wow, Kathy! Is that you singing? Such a lovely song – did you write the arrangement too? What can’t you do? I was already way impressed by your website, and then today when I read your rundown of everything you’ve been up to for the last 9 years, even before your request for support I was thinking, ”Somebody needs to give this girl a salary!” I’m really proud of you for doing that. I’m just sorry I couldn’t commit to more than the measly few bucks I did, but we’re temporarily in straitened circumstances due to my need for ungodly amounts of CBD + THC oil, administered 3 or 4 times a day.

    I’m really thankful it’s legal now, ’cause I don’t know what I’d do without it, but sheesh, that stuff gets expensive in the amounts that I’ve been taking. You know that expression, “dip into our savings”? It’s more like somebody took a backhoe to ours. I just do not appreciate it. I know PPMS ain’t cheap, but this needs to stop. Fortunately, there’s hope(funny you should’ve mentioned that): just when it seemed like my poor, sweet, devoted husbands head was about to explode, I heard a little voice say, “It’s time to get a baclofen pump.” One of my doctors had pitched it to me more than a year ago, but I chickened out & didn’t think about it much until week. So now I have an appt. to get assessed, but it’s only the assessment & it’s a whole 2 weeks away & I want to get it all done & installed now & get those lovely meds wending their way to my pain receptors! I never thought I’d be so eager to have surgery :-).

    I have a question for you to along to Dr., oh rats, I can’t remember his name, he just did episode 52 of your podcast… & I can’t get the Leave a Reply page to minimize so I can go check. Anyway, the question: it seems that he’s primarily thinking about RRMS. I imagine he does see people with PPMS in his practice, & I’m curious if he’s observed any differences between the 2 other than the obvious ones of meds/no meds, remittances/no remittances, & if so could he talk about them?

    I hope everybody who receives anything meaningful or helpful or comforting, or that gives them hope, or just makes them laugh signs up to support you!

    Hamsa Vicerra

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