Diagnosing MS With A Blood Test

blood test for multiple sclerosis

I just returned from a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, sponsored by IQuity, Inc., the biotech company that has cracked the code on a simple blood test for diagnosing MS. Let that sink in for a minute. A simple blood test to determine whether or not you have Multiple Sclerosis. If you are currently diagnosed with MS …

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Multiple Sclerosis Holiday Gift Guide – 2017

Multiple Sclerosis Gift Guide

This annual Multiple Sclerosis Holiday Gift Guide is a HIT every year. I’ve updated it this year with new products that either I’ve come across or have been suggested by others in the FUMS community.  I hope you find this helpful – and, if you have suggestions for great gifts, please share them in the comments …

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Potty Mouth

Bowel and Bladder Issues in Multiple Sclerosis

Two Pee Brains, With Potty Mouths, Talking Shit About MS – WHAT?!?!?!   Yep – you read that right.  And this is how it all started:  I hear, almost on a daily basis, from MS’er suffering from bowel and/or bladder issues. I have a dear friend, Erin Glace, who is an internationally recognized Pelvic Floor Physical …

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Trying So Hard – And Feeling So Dumb


  I want to make the FUMS website, blog and podcast better, more usable – of greater value to the MS community. I’ve been working SO HARD to learn as much as I can about updating a website, etc. I am not a techie. At all. Not a bit. So – even if I didn’t …

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Toxic People Cause Relapses

Toxic People in Multiple Sclerosis

  You’ve been dealing with these people – or this person – for sometime now and it appears there is a correlation between time spent with them and a decline in your health. Recognize the following scenarios? The phone rings, you see it’s them and you have to take a deep breath. Your heart skips …

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Help for Cog Fog

Brain Octane for Cog Fog

When I find something that actually helps with a symptom – or generally with dealing with life with MS – I have to share it.  I’ve found something that has really made a difference for one of my most persistent and maddening symptoms:  cog fog.  You know the one – where your right in the …

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Disabled Parking Placards and Other Indignities


  Today my updated “Virginia Permanent Disabled Parking Placard” arrived in the mail.  This is the update from the original that I begrudgingly ordered 5 years ago.  I remember being so mad that I “had” to get this very visible sign of my invisible disease.  It just seemed like both a personal affront and an …

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Multiple Sclerosis News Update

Multiple Sclerosis News

LOADS of MS information in this post.  Find what’s interesting to you and click the link to read the article.  Enjoy!!

Multiple Sclerosis News Update

Multiple Sclerosis News

  I’m starting a new feature here at FUMS – “Multiple Sclerosis News Update.”  I’ll provide the headlines and the links to the most compelling stories in the Multiple Sclerosis world in the past 2 weeks.  Please let me know whether or not this is of value to you.  Leave me a message in the …

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To Take Drugs or Not – That Is The Question


  When I was first diagnosed, the neurologist pushed a pile of information across his desk at me and told me to go home and digest it – and come back in a week with a decision as to which drug I wanted to start on immediately.  It was understood that I would be starting …

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