My Story

Kathy and her 2 girls I’m Kathy and I have MS. That sounds like I’m at an AA meeting! Let’s start again: I’m Kathy, I am a wife to TJ who is a golf pro, a mom to 2 teenage daughters (and all the fun that comes with that), a friend, a writer, a marketer, a reader, a crab eater, a beer and wine drinker (occasionally a Jameson drinker), a singer/songwriter, an activist and advocate and oh yeah, I have MS. I’m a patient who lost her patience. I’ve dealt with the symptoms, the flares, the indignities of life with MS – and I can still find a lot to laugh about. Attitude is everything, and my attitude is to talk to MS as it deserves: I give it the finger and say “FUMS” everyday! And I’m here to encourage everyone with MS to do the same thing. Cop an attitude. It’s empowering.

My mission is to provide education, inspiration and motivation to everyone dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. I go about this by blogging about my own experiences, interviewing “experts” and other patients on my podcast, and “finding the funny” in all of it!

Kathy Showing Middle Finger to MS

Oh – and I do it all with a smart-ass attitude – middle finger extended – with my battle cry “FUMS” always on my lips!!

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